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We would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone who contributed to our showcase. From our donors to our faculty to our families, we thank each and every one of you. And thank YOU for being here to watch our showcase today!

Student Artistic Team 

Producer/Department Communication Head: Jeilani-Rhone Collins
Production Manager: Emma Aaronson
Stage Manager: Amy Lyn Williams 
Administration and Operation: Sophie Shapiro
Tech/Website Coordinator: Carley Gilbert
Film/Editor Coordinators: Pablo Martinez and Emily Kaye Clark
Videographer: Pablo Martinez 
Editor: Pablo Martinez 
Director: Anne Millhauser
Choreographers: Sophie Shapiro and Thalia Atallah
Music Directors: Kay Sibal and Carly Wood
Head of Accounting and Budget: Julia Ribas 
Head of Fundraising: Elana Cantor 
Promotion: Izzy Escobar and Anna Salvini 
Social Media Manager: Anna Salvini
Brand Manager: Isabelle Gillette
Costuming: Anna Salvini, Isabelle Gillette, and Isabella Wouters

Artistic Direction

Website Designer: Mary Alex Daniels 
Head of Sound: Eric Sarich 
Photographer: Gwenn Hope 
Advisors: Evelyn Halus, Lisa Zambetti, Jeremy Mann

TFT Faculty

Interim Dean: Brian Kite 
Department of Theater Chair: J.Ed Araiza
Director of Special Events: Annette Lee 
Marketing Coordinator: Emily Mellman


And special thanks to Dan Belzer, Jeremy Mann, Linda Kerns, and the TFT Acting faculty for your guidance and support over the last four years.

This showcase was filmed in accordance with CDC and UCLA guidance and regulations. 

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