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Amy Lyn Williams

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Demo Reel
About Amy

Amy Lyn Williams grew up in a family of undercover artists.  While no one pursued the arts professionally, her mother, father and sister were all singers and songwriters so her home has always been filled with music. Her love for the theater began when her grandmother gifted her her very first CD, a soundtrack to the 1982 movie “Annie,” that came with a little book of lyrics which she learned cover to cover.  Since then, she has found her passion for the unconventional. Watching the theater world change around her in the few years she has been studying it, has been awe-inspiring and hopeful. Projects cultivated through authenticity and collaboration have shown her how art can connect with people in unexpected ways and have helped her form the friendships that have shaped her as an artist. As someone who has always lived by-the-book, the arts have given her the space to push boundaries and break rules to create art that is truly meaningful.

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