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Elana Cantor

Demo Reel
About Elana

Elana is a vivacious, driven, and honest performer with a New York charm and dreams of pursuing a career in musical theater in her home state and beyond. 

Growing up in a musical family, Elana has performed since the age of four when she played a puppet goat in “The Sound of Music.” Since then, she has continued to train and perform and is now about to graduate from UCLA. 

Other interests of Elana’s include songwriting and being a strong advocate for open mental health discussion.  She put her Theater major and Cognitive Science minor to use while interning at a non-profit, UCLA-based organization called “The Center for Scholars and Storytellers” that bridges the gap between scholars and storytellers, to promote youth mental health.  Elana is intrigued about the cross-over between the world of performance and the human psyche and its power to educate and encourage positive youth development.

She hopes to use her performance skills and her unique pop edge to inspire those within and outside of the theater world.

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