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Emily Kaye

Emily Kaye HS.jpg
Demo Reel
About Emily

Emily Kaye is her name. She grew up in Corona, California near dairy farms that are now her old middle school. Her parents ran a theater, so she was born with an appreciation for the arts. Emily started dancing in her family room to If I Only Had A Brain and started dance lessons at three in a studio she stayed with for sixteen years. She took up music in the fifth grade bouncing between multiple instruments and landing in a jazz band at thirteen. Throughout the years acting showed her how she could have a space to express herself even more. Working in film and television took her heart by storm when she started college. She’s worked on multiple projects in front of the camera for UCLA, NYFA, and independent filmmakers. Those twelve-hour days may seem crazy to some, but Emily finds it where her heart is happiest. As the door closes on college and another opens for the world of entertainment, Emily’s got her jazz shoes in one hand, a guitar in the other, and a backpack full of ideas and notebooks she wants to fill with memories and maybe some bad poetry. Emily is excited about the next steps she takes in the life of an artist.

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