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Isabelle Gillette

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Demo Reel
About Isabelle

Isabelle Gillette has been acting, singing and dancing since 2004. Raised on the Central Coast of California, and spending a year and a half of her young life in Brisbane, Australia, Isabelle has studied dance, improv, acting and vocal technique for the last eighteen years. Her first short film was written and directed by Dylan Efron, based on the well-known disappearance case of Kristen Smart, in San Luis Obispo County. After moving to Los Angeles for college, she began acting in several projects
through the MFA Film program at UCLA, and collaborated with friends and passionate creatives interested in expressive and meaningful storytelling. Continuing her work during the pandemic, she acted in a radio play, a zoom production, and worked on multiple short films produced by her roommates. She is overjoyed to have been able to return to the studio this year and continue honing her craft. Her favorite projects include The First Taste by Chloe Xtina, and Life Story, a low-budget short film based on
Tennessee Williams’ poem of the same name. She is currently working on Scotty’s Vag, a short by Chaconne Martin-Berkowicz, who is known for her work on Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, and short film In Sync, which premiered at the Maryland Film Festival in 2021. As she finishes up her B.A., Isabelle will be writing, directing, and starring in her own short film, based on a disastrous Tinder date, coming in June 2022. She feels incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to study at UCLA, and cannot wait to graduate and continue creating.

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