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Izzy Escobar

Demo Reel
About Izzy

Izzy is a 22 year old actress, singer, musician, and songwriter who is passionate about using her musicality and lyricism to give a voice to those who feel voiceless. Growing up in a Cuban Italian household, Izzy was always surrounded by music and the arts. One of Izzy’s favorite
traditions is every Christmas Eve when her family gathers around in the living room of her Massachusetts home with bongos, claves, timbales, and microphones to bring the island’s rhythm to life.


At age four, Izzy began studying classically through the Suzuki method for violin at the Hartt school of music in Amherst MA. Izzy believes that the violin is what gave her the initial foundation for understanding pitch, rhythm, and the power of a strong melody. Since then, Izzy has also studied vocally (as well as guitar, piano, and violin) at universities such as the Berklee college of music in Boston, Manhattan school of music, UCLA, and more. Nevertheless, Izzy has received an undergraduate degree from UCLA’s school of theatre, film, and television as well as had her own original music placed on the Billboard top 100 pop charts.

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