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Jeilani Rhone-Collins

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Demo Reel
About Jeilani

A folk-musician, groover, and unapologetic Harry Potter fanatic, Jeilani Rhone-Collins is deeply passionate about art. Growing up with a father who did musicals all throughout his young life and a mother who sang Joni Mitchell to put her to sleep, she found a niche love for creating art that sparks a connection. She writes, creates, and performs about things she knows and feels in hopes that someone may know or feel the same things. Currently, Jeilani works at the intersection of the entertainment industry and social change cultivating the idea that creativity and art are means of making a difference in the world- no matter how small. Jeilani hopes to make her way back to the place she was born- Brooklyn, New York- in the following year to pursue musical theater, to experience a winter again (finally!), and to continue making those mini connections everywhere.

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