Pablo Martinez

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About Pablo

Born by the beaches of Santa Cruz, California, Pablo E. Martinez learned to stretch his limbs and crawl his way around a stage. Coming from a Mexican immigrant family, finding the benefaction in life has always been important to Pablo's survival in an often challenging world. Fascinated with comedy and wild fanciful characters Pablo fell deeply in love with the way art can ignite a fire within someone. Charged with a passion for entertaining and tempered by high school theater Pablo forged a path to pursue his passion. The stage introduced Pablo not only to theatrics but also to the sublime in art itself. From this introduction, he devoted himself to becoming a vehicle for the arts. While studying the intricacies of acting, singing, and dancing by day, by night Pablo immerses himself in painting, drawing, photography, and even baking. Pablo believes that art is the ultimate medium in which to inspire change within people.