Thalia Atallah

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About Thalia

     Thalia Atallah is a bi-cultural Lebanese/Latinx performer from Los Angeles, California. Thalia has been singing and dancing her entire life. If not performing, she's probably chomping on Hot Cheetos next to her dogs while watching cheesy reality television! She has performed alongside Broadway veterans such as Ali Stroker, Krysta Rodriguez, Susan Egan and Laura Osnes. She also had the honor of being selected to perform in the Broadway Princess Party Tour.

     Growing up multicultural has had a big impact on her self identity. And for a long time, she thought her bi-racial identity was at war with her identity as a performer. However, she has realized that she has been enriched with a unique perspective to offer the world of theater. With Latin flair and Arabic rhythm. While staying true to herself and doing what she loves most, Thalia plans on pursuing a bi-coastal career as a working actress either on stage or screen post graduation. Thalia is a true triple threat who plans on creating art for as long as she possibly can!